IMG_6976 (5).jpgI have just been doing some filming with http://www.craftycounsel.org (first time for everything!) with the brilliant Nicola Jones asking the questions.  It was a session about learning for lawyers.

My main point was that a learning culture means that people are listening to each other and are open to new ideas / thinking.  And the main benefits of this to the organisation are that this drives:

  • innovation / creativity (learning is about listening to and coming up with new ideas);
  • adaptability (learning is about making a sustainable change); and
  • a “speak-up” culture when it comes to compliance (as people only speak when they feel that they are being listened to)



21 thoughts on “Home

  1. At the University of Reading and the Centre for Commercial Law and Financial Regulation we are grateful that Toby accepted our invitation to be a Visiting Fellow but most importantly we are grateful for his willingness to share his vast experience with our students. The students who attended Toby’s workshops last year have found them invaluable in their efforts to secure a job. Having someone with experience in leading law firms but also as in house lawyer sharing his advice with our students is a great advantage to them and we would hope to continue and strengthen this collaboration.

  2. Just wanted to thank Toby Hornett for some great tips regarding preparing for interviews and also writing CV’s. I personally found his presentation extremely helpful, definitely an afternoon well spent.

  3. Massive thank you to Toby for the great session on CV writing and interviews at Huddersfield! It was very worthwhile and interesting as well. I would definitely recommend Toby, and would love to see him back at Huddersfield!

  4. Big thank you for coming all the way to Huddersfield to speak to us Toby. Very insightful and very refreshing to see someone who genuinely enjoys helping others. Especially someone as friendly and approachable as you are!

  5. Yesterday Toby spoke at the annual ‘Working Internationally’ Careers Forum run by the School of Law, Reading University for final year undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Forum explored different types of career paths with an international flavour to them, including within national government, international organizations, and multinational corporations. A range of topics were covered, such as a ‘typical day’; what made the job international; and how to pursue these sorts of careers. Toby’s presentation was very practical and informative, giving insights into his work which was particularly commented upon in the students’ feedback. Thank you Toby for your amazing energy and commitment to invest and make a difference in these students’ lives and future careers.

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to review my CV and for offering me comprehensive advice. Your efforts are very appreciated and the advice is invaluable,

  7. We at King’s College Careers & Employability were fortunate to host Toby for a careers presentation this week, and he did such a wonderful job for our law students. They were eager to know about legal careers, and it was great for them to have their questions answered by someone with such exceptional insider knowledge. His presentation was both informative and engaging, and he was so easy to work with. I look forward to hosting him again, and I know our students feel the same.

  8. Massive thanks for last week Toby.

    The event was proved very successful and I was very impressed with both the talk and the advice you gave, particularly as you provided an insight to a dimension of the legal profession that had not really occurred to me before.

    The CV clinic was something everyone has told me was very helpful and we are really grateful that you took the time out to provide that kind of help. If we can ever repay the favour please let us know and if you can it would be great if you could come back next year – i’m interested in what your other talks involve. Our society is very thankful for your service and recommends you to any other Law societies looking to help build the esteem and commercial awareness of their members.

    Jermel Anderson
    Co-President of University of Sussex Law Society

  9. I have met Tobby first at the University’s CV clinic and afterwards on the Pure Potential: Law event. On both occasions Toby had provided students with very valuable information on how to apply, what you must be careful on, how to apprach the questions and much more.

    He had proven to be an extremely open person who wants to help people – and he is doing it extremely well.

  10. Mr Hornett is the person you definitely have to talk with before applying for TC in that he will give you the broader picture on law career issues . He is very friendly and grounded; so do not hesitate to discuss your question whether it is about your TC applications or alternative careers. Mr Hornett please keep on doing this because you know how to do it.

  11. On 24th July, the students from the Eversheds Unlocked Academy, an initiative which supports high performing students from Eversheds Unlocked, visited the in-house legal team at Canon for a day. Organised and delivered by Toby, he did a fantastic job of making the day as valuable and engaging as possible for the students who are being supported by Eversheds to achieve their potential whilst studying at university through a tailored learning and development programme. He gave some brilliant advice that will aid them as they go on to apply for work experience placements and jobs, and also gave the students a good insight into the role of an in-house lawyer. Thank you Toby, your advice will I’m sure prove invaluable to the students.

  12. Thank you Toby for coming up to the University of Leicester and hosting a very insightful careers talk, as well as taking the time out for one-to-one CV reviews with 20 of our students, both law and non-law undergraduates. We received some great feedback from both the talk and the reviews, and look forward to having you return next year!

    Michelle Davis-Ratcliffe
    Academic Officer at University of Leicester Law Society

  13. Thank you Toby for coming to give a careers talk and impart your valuable advice and experience to our PGT students at the University of Reading, School of Law.
    We look forward to seeing you again next week for the CV clinic

    Gemma Cryer
    Administrator for the CCLFR, University of Reading

  14. I attended a CV clinic held by Toby at the University of Reading. He provided extremely useful feedback on my CV – which resulted in me being selected for a summer internship working as part of the in-house legal team for a large company. His friendly and open demeanor makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend his services to anyone and I hope the University of Reading invites him back for more careers talks.

  15. Toby has been extremely help in giving career advice and he does so with a unique coaching style that seeks to truly understand the vision of the person to whom he is giving advice. I am extremely grateful to have him as a mentor as his advice over the years have been invaluable.

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