Practise answering those questions that you can predict

There are a few questions that you can be quite sure will come up if you have a few interviews, such as:
Why do you want to be a lawyer?
Why this firm?
Tell me about yourself
In my coaching sessions, I make 3 points on this type of question:
1. I can’t answer these questions for candidates, because
2. they need to be answered in a sincere way with well practised answers; and
3. those answers should be concise.
Here I want to develop points 2 and 3. When I ask these (or any) questions, the worst answers are those that don’t seem to end – it is so frustrating when a candidate doesn’t stop talking.
Much better to rehearse answers to friends and in front of the mirror that last no more than 1 or 2 minutes, and then stop. After you have finished, be comfortable with a moment of silence while the interviewer digests your brilliant answer and moves to the next question.


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